Local Businesses Awarded Grant Funds for Training

The High Country Workforce Development Board is pleased to announce that B&R Service, Inc. of North Wilkesboro and Blue Ridge Energy Works, LLC of Boone have been awarded the North Carolina Incumbent Worker Training Grant.

B&R Service, Inc. of North Wilkesboro is a residential and commercial HVAC contractor and weatherization company. The company will use the $5,000 grant to train 15 employees in various training modules which will help the m learn skills and troubleshooting techniques to increase their ability to quickly and correctly diagnose gas furnace combustion, mechanical, and electrical problems; electrical problems on HVAC systems; and split system heat pump system problems

Blue Ridge Energy Works, LLC (BREW) of Boone specializes in renewable energy system design, installation, and maintenance and does home performance contracting, energy efficiency, crawlspace encapsulation, and spray foam insulation installation. BREW will use the $5,000 grant to help train at least six employees to gain knowledge and skills needed in the application of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and become certified energy auditors. The four-day training, provided by Spray Foam Nation, will train employees working in the SPF insulation industry on health and safety, best practices, equipment trouble shooting, and prepare them for the rigorous SPFA PCP Examination.

The North Carolina Incumbent Worker Training Grant offers funding to established North Carolina businesses to provide educational and skills training for current workers. It is designed to benefit businesses by enhancing the skills of employees, thereby increasing employee productivity and the potential for company growth.

Over the past 10 years, more than $1 million has been funneled into High Country businesses to upgrade the skills of their workforces, thanks to the federal workforce development funding. Across the seven-county region, more than 2,200 employees have received training that has led to increased productivity and has made the more than 30 businesses they work for more competitive.

Incumbent worker training grants are managed by the High Country Workforce Development Board. The next grant cycle for funding will be in the fall of this year.