Melinda Fox: Keeping Her Eye on Her Goal

Melinda FoxMelinda Fox enrolled in WIA in October 2009 after losing her job as a part-time cashier/manager. She had always held lower wage jobs that were not enough to support her family. As a married mother of three children, she wanted to obtain the skills necessary to gain employment that would provide for her children.

Her youngest child, who was preschool age at the time, had always had severe skin problems which doctors could not diagnose. While Melinda was participating in the program, her child was diagnosed with a rare skin condition of which only cases overseas had ever been found. The closest place for treatment was in Denver. Melinda had to arrange with teachers to be able to do her course work while she spent weeks in Denver for her daughter’s treatment. Upon returning home, she was required to cleanse every single item in her home to prevent infection. Her daughter had to be wrapped in fresh bandages several times per day for months.

Through all this, Melinda and mom at pinning 3Melinda kept her eye on her goal and never let go of that dream. Melinda completed phlebotomy training in January 2010. She enrolled at Mayland Community College (MCC) in the LPN program and completed it in July 2012. She then started her AAS degree in nursing through the advanced placement program at MCC. She completed her RN degree in May 2014. Melinda immediately went to work full-time at Johnson City Medical Center in the Neuro/PCU step down unit on night shift making $22.00 per hour. She is now considering options for earning her BS degree. She has security now in the fact that she will always have the skills necessary to support her family.