Governor McCrory Applauds NC Commission on Workforce Development for Skills Gap Report and Recommendations

Governor Pat McCrory applauded a new report issued by the Commission on Workforce Development that shows North Carolina can narrow the skills gap by increasing direct collaboration between critical industries and the state’s job training programs. The report was issued at the joint Education Cabinet and Commission on Workforce Development meeting held Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at the McKimmon Center on the North Carolina State University campus.

The Commission surveyed employers to find out why businesses found it difficult to fill certain positions. Then the Commission compiled results of the employer survey and developed recommendations on how to better train workers in the skill sets required by businesses.

The survey collected feedback from nearly 800 public- and private-sector employers. The study included a special focus on the state’s manufacturers, a group frequently mentioned as having hiring challenges. The survey was conducted by the N.C. Labor and Economic Analysis Division, which worked with the business service representatives from the state’s Workforce Development Boards.

2014 Employer Needs Survey

Skills Gap Task Force Recommendations

Press Release on the Governor’s website