NC Legislature Temporarily Adjourns

The short session of the North Carolina General Assembly has adjourned temporarily. They are scheduled to return later the week of August 11th to address any vetoes issued by the governor, then again in November to deal with Medicaid reform. However, Senator Berger has said the Senate has no plans to return later this week and is only scheduled to come back in November. So it remains to be seen whether the biggest bill vetoed—unemployment insurance reform—will be overridden.

The North Carolina budget was signed by Gov. McCrory earlier this month. However, there is little offered in the way of information or direction on Workforce Development. In fact, the only mention of Economic Development in the new budget pertains to transportation. $3,346,215 in nonrecurring funds and $4,036,171 in recurring funds has been allocated for the purpose of “prioritized transportation.” The funds are set aside for infrastructure improvement to expedite commercial growth and job creation or retention.