Board Member Message

Thank you for your commitment to the mission of the High Country Workforce Development Board (WDB). Your appointment to this Board reflects your involvement and leadership in the community you represent. It is a critical time for our Board to determine and oversee strategies that will address our skills gap, realizing the potentials of individuals, businesses and our national economy while facing the challenges of global competition.

Here you will find helpful resources to assist you in your role as a Workforce Development Board Member.

Having first served on the Workforce Board in the 1990’s when it was known as the Private Industry Council until now the differences are vast in regards to the responsibilities and involvement of a board member. You can and do make a difference every time you are present at a meeting or become involved with a committee. So I encourage you to take time out of your busy schedules to truly get involved with the work of our board. Your commitment will bring great gains in our local workforce.

Please reference the Google Calendar on the website block out your schedule in advance for WDB meetings. Your presence at each meeting is important. If you do have an unavoidable conflict, please work with the staff to explore alternatives like virtual attendance.

Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with your fellow Board members so that, together, we may provide the High Country region with a skilled and productive workforce.


Sallie J. Woodring, Chair
High Country Workforce Development Board

Board members will receive a “Member Resource Notebook” that contains printed materials to assist you in workforce development efforts. This page houses digital copies of those materials as well as documents you may wish to print on your own should you find them useful.

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Read about successful workforce development efforts in the area.

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